During my academic and professional career I have been fortunate to encounter many stimulating, creative and engaged people. I have had several mentors who have shown me that it is possible to embrace the serious as well as the fun aspects of language.

My love of English and other languages has grown over many decades of studying, teaching, writing and editing English. Along the way I completed a Ph.D. in linguistics and dabbled in numerous foreign languages. I enjoy British fiction, American non-fiction; I am fascinated by Franglais, Spanglish, Hinglish, Chinglish, Arablish,  Kiwinglish and Strine*. (And I am not sure how to classify the English spoken in South Africa.)

All told, English is an incredible, flexible, dynamic language that continues to grow and evolve as it spreads around the world. Please join me in celebrating and exploring the wonders of our language.

K.L. Hill

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*Informal English spoken in Australia

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